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Best Hole in the Wall

El Sur

Two famous "desert pirates" were Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, part of the Hole in the Wall Gang. Granted these guys hung out a little farther north, but they'd feel right at home at El Sur Mexican Restaurant. Located on 22nd Street just east of Craycroft Road, this "hole in the wall" joint serves up some of the best Mexican food in town at amazingly low prices. Outstanding offerings include the tacos caseros (nicely seasoned, fried in the shell tacos), cheese crisps and shrimp taquitos. Bebidas include cold cervezas and margaritas. Service is as friendly as it could be. The décor ain't fancy, but that doesn't stop the place from being packed to the rafters just about every night. Call for hours, as the family takes vacations around holidays.