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Sabino Canyon (general)

How to hike Sabino Canyon, for recent newcomers or Tucsonans who have yet to experience the canyon: 1. Follow Sabino Canyon Road north until you see the sign for the canyon. 2. Graciously pay your entry fee so that the park can be maintained. Grumblers will suffer karmic payback. 3. Park your car. Remember your water bottle. 4. Get out, and start walking. You have several options—the main road, the road to Bear Canyon, the Phoneline Trail or Sabino Lake Trail No. 30, to name only a few. 5. After only a few short minutes, you'll find yourself in a desert oasis (real name: riparian area), where some of the best Sonoran Desert specimens can be seen. 6. Take a deep breath. Now this is why you live in the desert.

Runners up:

2. Catalina State Park/Romero Pools

3. Seven Falls

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