Best Of Tucson®

Best Hike

Sabino Canyon

Lovers of sappy romantic movies won't find a better hike anywhere than one illuminated by a big, old, yellow Sonoran Desert full moon as you hoof it up Sabino Canyon's paved road some evening. Grab a fanny pack, a water bottle, a flashlight, your date, and get out there. Weird plants and strange rock formations are silhouetted against a night sky splattered with diamonds. Take a break on one of the benches placed here and there (watch for snakes!), and try to find the ubiquitous prehistoric flute player Kokopelli in the face of the moon. Listen to the babbling of Sabino Creek and the otherworldly sound of night birds. Share a candy bar. Stare into the dark pools of each other's eyes. Just like in the movies ...

Runners up:

2. Seven Falls

3. Ventana Canyon

Votes of note: "UA tuition," "any parking space to county offices"