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Best Help For Fashion-Challenged Men

Tony from the shirt department at Dillard's

4500 N. Oracle Road

STAFF PICK: Picking out decent shirts is all well and fine, but finding the perfect matching tie is something else entirely. Tony first got our attention when we wandered in seeking a tie for a light purple, pinstriped shirt. Tony glanced at it quickly, said just a moment, and came back with one tie, a perfect match -- the one tie we get compliments on. Months later, a dark shirt giving us fits landed us back in Tony's corner. After selecting a few tie possibilities on our own, but still unsure if they really worked, we again turned to our silver-haired fashion consultant: "Those are old men's ties," he advised. "Young guys should wear lighter colors." Off he went. He returned quickly with a tie that gave us doubts. "Pick the one you like," he said, with a tone that made it clear he was just offering a suggestion; we could take it or leave it. Unsure, we remembered Tony's perfect record and pulled out the plastic. Once again, the tie has received rave reviews from strangers. We are now true believers, and want to thank Tony for being dapper and gracious and helping us avoid the look of a used-car salesman.

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