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The "water pipe" purveyors at Puff-N-Stuff II have learned well that eternal maxim of real estate: location, location, location. Located as it is in the Tucson metro epicenter of smoking-related activity, P&S II, it can be argued, is shooting fish in a barrel. Or blowing smoke up the ass of the earthy denizens of the University/Downtown nexus. Either way, when you score some kind of "tobacco" whilst traipsing down the Avenue, you need only stop in to Puff-N-Stuff II for a myriad of incineration options--rolling papers, water pipes, wood bowls, ceramic bowls, blown glass, vaporizers, microwaves (OK, that's made up), everything! And the best part is, it's right there on Fourth Avenue! Right there by Caruso's, for when your appetite mysteriously becomes rapacious. Dude!

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