Best Of Tucson®

Best Happy Hour

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar

Well, shiver me timbers! Yet another "Best Happy Hour" victory for Applebee's, that omnipresent chain restaurant that spends millions of advertising dollars a year attempting to convince you that they're just "part of the neighborhood!" And what neighborhood saloon is complete without a heapin' assortment of grogs, bumboo and inexpensive grub? Nary, we tells ye. So stop in at one of the Tucson locations for that authentic neighborhood pub experience, and enjoy selections from the new "Southwest Fiesta" menu (read: the same crap with "Southwestern" appellations like "Santa Fe" whatevers or "Nuevo Nachos") or order up some fried or sauce-slathered appetizers at happy hour prices that actually discourage piracy--they're so low. It's also rumored that the beer is discounted during these hours of happiness. Check your location for times.

Runners up:

2. Heart-Five, 61 E. Congress St., 903-0911,

3. RA Sushi, 2905 E. Skyline Drive, 615-3970,