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Best Handmade Stuff's Shop Local (for Tucson, of course) is "your place to buy and sell all things handmade" (that's their trademark), and on the site, you can find a cornucopia of handmade stuff: clothes, jewelry, art, furniture, ceramics, etc. If it can be made with two hands, someone is selling it on But the coolest thing is the "shop local" search option: It's the fifth link on the left on the main page, and once you type in "Tucson," you're instantly connected to pages and pages and pages of artisans who might even live next door. Every day, the search will bring up different artisans' shops, depending on who has been updating their page. One day, we found Foxgloves, a shop that sells cute things made of felt; another day, we found TinyShinyStudio's enamel jewelry. It's like how the Fourth Avenue Street Fair used to be--and you don't even have to find a place to park.

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