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Best Halloween Candy

Nogales Candy Stores

STAFF PICK: It's worth a day trip to the dulcerías of Nogie to stock up on products from the Vero factory in Guadalajara, the finest surrealist candy factory in the hemisphere. Surprise your trick-or-treaters this year with suckers shaped like peanuts, stoplights and cups of frozen raspberry swirl yogurt. Try the pizza slice lollipops flavored with lots of hot chile. Suck on fruit-flavored thumbs, lovingly detailed with hangnails and thumbprints and filled with gory tamarind paste. Pick up a bag of Smallpox Pops: pink pocked human heads on a stick in "sexy fruit flavors." Don't forget a bag of those suckers with extra dye to color your mouth blue and red, or that old standby, the tequila pop (salud, boys and girls!).