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Best Halloween and All Souls Procession Costumes

SAS Fabrics by the Pound

The All Souls Procession and Halloween are almost here, and making your own costume is the best! SAS is a treasure trove of sparkly princess fabrics, ferocious fake furs, uniform badges and gold braid for sergeants and officers, stretchy mummy wrappings, cutesy-pie calicos for Bo-Peeps, amphibious green vinyl for frogs, dangly tassel trims, boxes of buttons, bolts of lace, flights of feathers--everything a kid needs to build a fabulous dream costume from his or her own rich imagination (and all as inexpensive as some cheesy costume from Wal-Mart made in sweatshops in China). No sewing skills are required, just a glue gun and a head full of wild ideas. It's a great creative project for parents and kids to do together.