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Gadabout Salonspas

With the exception of 2005, when they came in second place, Gadabout Salonspas has consistently won this category. Some may ask why. Well, maybe that's because the staff here is well-trained, keeps up with all the latest tools of the trade and remembers who you are, much like at your favorite bar or diner. Or maybe it's because Gadabout has several sites around town, even one near you. Or maybe it's because everyone walking out of Gadabout looks like they belong on the pages of Vogue. And believe us, these transformations take a certain kind of magic.

Runners up:

2. Robert Markley Salon Spa

5350 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 160


3. The Coyote Wore Sideburns

2855 E. Grant Road


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