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Anyone with a speck of dignity wants to look his or her best for the end of time. Maybe you'll decide on a new hairstyle or new color—puce, anyone?—or perhaps you want that one last mani/pedi. In any case, Gadabout is the place to go. Of course, if the Mayans are wrong, that doesn't mean you should ignore grooming. There's a reason Gadabout keeps winning this category year after year: The stylists at this long-standing local institution are sincere, friendly and trained in all the latest trends. When you walk out of any of the Gadabout locations, you look good and feel good—so much so that you might not even care if it really is the end of days.

Runners up:


5350 E. Broadway Blvd., No. 160


3. The Coyote Wore Sideburns

630 N. Fourth Ave.