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LA Fitness

Perhaps the most Los Angeles thing about LA Fitness is its dedication to looking good. The gyms themselves look good, and the whole point of going to a gym is to help your body look good (and, of course, feel good, as the LA Fitness radio will constantly remind you). But the comparisons between the gym and its metropolitan namesake end there: The staff is far from pretentious; the classes are hip without being ridiculous; and no one's going to give you the evil eye if you wear a 10-year-old bathing suit into the pool. The other things that make LA Fitness look good--racquetball and basketball courts, baby-sitting services and well-maintained equipment--are also all designed to make you look good. So it's all just, well, good.

Runners up:

2. Gold's Gym, 7315 N. Oracle Road, 297-8000; 110 S. Church Ave., 623-6300; 5851 E. Speedway Blvd., 751-0303,

3. YMCA, Various locations,