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Gold's Gym

Muscles--everybody has them, right? Well, for except wimps and pencil-necked geeks (mad props to Freddie Blassie). Gold's has long been associated with serious bodybuilding and much oiling down of pectorals, but it's now actively reaching out to the unending supply of couch potatoes who will never be tempted by the sweet siren call of steroids. Hell, they've even got Dr. Phil involved, via his National Weight Loss Challenge. You can't make this stuff up! We were even going to avoid the Schwarzenegger jokes until we saw reference to the king of "plo chops" (say it out loud in your best Teutonic accent) on the front page of the Gold's Gym Web site. So if you're tired of getting desert sand kicked in your face, or you're a big fan of Dr. Phil's, Gold's is your place!

Runners up:

2. LA Fitness 240 S. Wilmot Road, 748-1295; 2950 W. Ina Road, 742-2881
3. YMCA, Various locations

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