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Athens on Fourth Avenue

Fourth Avenue offers numerous wonderful things to do: shop, drink, people-watch, shop some more, drink some more, and then best of all: EAT! Athens is a perfect spot to just that. Unlike many of the other places on the Avenue, Athens is a full-service restaurant with servers, a full bar and a little more of a grown-up feel. Everything on the menu evokes the wonders of Greece. The stuffed red peppers are filled with cheese and then sautéed to perfection. The kalamarakia (calamari) is some of the best in town, and the braised lamb is a real winner. Desserts are divine, and a nice selection of Greek wines is offered.

Runners up:

2. Opa!

2990 N. Campbell Ave., No. 130


3. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

7131 E. Broadway Blvd.