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Athens on Fourth

Andreas Delfakis has presided over Athens on Fourth Avenue--a showplace for his unparalleled skill with food and wood--for a decade with meals that are as varied and outstanding as they are simple. We owe it all to a dog. Delfakis was traveling through Colorado on a dark and snowy night more than 30 years ago. A not-quite-blind seer at a gas station directed Delfakis to a sheep ranch, where the Greek immigrant owner had several beautiful, unmarried daughters. Delfakis approached, but was unwilling to contest the snarling dog for entrance beyond the gate. He turned, pointed his car toward the Greek capital of the Americas, Chicago, and the rest, as Thucydides says, is history. Rather than become a sheep tycoon in the Rockies, or suffer another Lake Michigan winter, Delfakis alighted in Tucson, where he serves the finest Colorado lamb plus a beautiful selection of fish.

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