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Best Goth/Leather Shop

Hydra Leather and More

Little-known fact: Leather protects against green radioactive gamma rays from Mars! Hoof it downtown to Hydra, and get in the spirit of urban renewal. Stock up on body jewelry, fancy panties and bad-ass accoutrements that will showcase your sensational sensibilities. If you are lucky enough to capture an alien sex slave, you can dress him/her/it up in cute outfits. Admire the street-savvy selection of boots, shoes and stockings. Lots of options make it easy to select the right kind of tight. Browse menswear and lots of zombie-friendly T-shirts—so that when the creeper sees you, he might let you keep your stuff. Let's just hope he's not a biter.

Runners up:

2. Dark Star Leather

2940 N. Swan Road, No. 129


3. Razorz Edge

427 N. Fourth Ave.