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Best Goth/Leather Shop

Hydra Leather and More

A stand-out downtown retail success story, Hydra Leather and More has been keeping Tucson dressed to thrill (and tease) for more than 15 years. Catering to men and women who prefer to think outside of the typical dreary fashion box, Hydra's helpful employees spice up their customers' wardrobes with a wide selection of club/dance wear, vinyl and leather ensembles, fishnet stockings, clothes adorned with buckles and chains, tantalizing lingerie, stiletto heels and thigh-high boots, and specialty items like liquid latex and body jewelry. And, of course, one cannot own too many studded leather collars. Hydra makes it easy to fulfill your kinkiest dress-up fantasies and help you stand out in a crowd.

Runners up:

2. None

3. Dark Star Leather

2940 N. Swan Road, No. 129