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Best Goth/Leather Shop

Hydra Leather and More

For the "Karma Chameleon" in you, Hydra offers a variety of clothes as costume. Of course, nothing says "Hold Me Now" like a leather bustier and fishnet stockings under a Shirley Temple-style sailor outfit. Or how about a white vinyl nurse's outfit—including a miniskirt, of course, with strategically placed red crosses? There's also the best selection of elegant to nasty legware that you'll find outside of a porn mart. Wander in; try something on; and see if you don't feel a little naughty, but without so much embarrassment. Hydra is where you'll find that full-length, multi-buckled leather trench coat that screams "brooding outsider," plus a fine selection of black biker jackets for your weekends on the Harley.

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5870 E. Broadway Blvd.


4500 N. Oracle Road


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