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Hydra Leather and More

Want a corset? A collar? Perhaps some stripper shoes? Whatever you need, and for whatever reason, the folks at Hydra will have it, and are more than happy to help you find it. Some mistake Hydra as a high-end Hot Topic for grown-ups. Not so. There's a huge selection of lingerie, jewelry and costumes all crammed into this downtown store, with employees who will lace you up or strap you into whatever you may have trouble getting into in the tiny fitting room. At least stop by to take a look. You might find what you never knew you needed.

Runners up:

2. Hot Topic, 5870 E. Broadway Blvd., 584-8442; 4500 N. Oracle Road, 292-9291;

3. Kanella's Leather and More, 338 N. Fourth Ave., 884-0022

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