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Best Gluten-Free Food Coma

Gourmet Girls Go Gluten-Free

If you have a gluten allergy, you know the difficulty in finding a decent breakfast at a restaurant (oh, hooray, another omelette). The Gourmet Girls have your back. The options are endless—try pancakes, breakfast quesadillas or quiche. When was the last time you had biscuits and gravy? The specials board offers even more selections, and if you're not in the mood for breakfast then try the lunch menu. They put bacon on their pulled pork sandwiches! Who could resist? Gluten-eaters love the food as well, so bring them along. The Girls whip up baked goods like they went to the Hogwart's equivalent of culinary school, so be sure to stock up on goodies like cupcakes, French bread, tortillas and twinkies (really, twinkies) on the way out.