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Best Gay/Lesbian Bar


"Wow, it takes a real man to let another man do a shot off his chest," declared a drag queen after licking salt from a straight guy's exposed torso, much to the delight of his girlfriend. We have it on good authority that the "body shot," as it's called, was typical of an evening at IBT's. Take it as proof that this gay joint is more than a place for godless sodomites to congregate, throw a few back and stuff their pockets with "fuck kits"--complimentary packages of condoms and lube-before heading home for steamy man-on-man action. While some of that is surely going on (it's a nightclub, duh), they won't kill you for simply coming out to enjoy the raucous fun.

Runners up:

2. Ain't Nobody's Bizness, 2900 E. Broadway Blvd., 318-4838

3. Woody's Bar, 3710 N. Oracle Road, 292-6702

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