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Simply put, IBT's--or It's 'Bout Time--is Tucson's gayest circus every night of the week. From drag shows to karaoke, there's never a dull moment when the doors to this colorful club fling open.

But it's the weekends that really shine. Past a certain hour on any Friday or Saturday night, readers know they'll find the club crammed with gay people, straight people, drag queens and kings, transsexuals, bisexuals, trisexuals--the list goes on and on. They like folks of all flavors and ages at IBT's, as long as they can shell out valid identification proving they're legit. (No gay ID required.) Even the occasional GOP congressman makes an appearance!

From the sweaty dance floor, where half-naked guys and funkalicious girls writhe to pulsing music, to the nifty patio out back, it's obvious this is a personal kind of place, closer to a house party than a dance club. Tucson's gay crowd knows IBT's is all about rubbing elbows; it would be a crime to wear anything other than your best mingling outfit. (Shirtless males are obviously exempt from this rule.) Another word to the wise from people who know: If you're a little shy, go with an outgoing friend. That way, you have someone to grab onto as you plow through the crowd.

IBT's recently celebrated its 11th anniversary with a prize-filled extravaganza. Eleven years young--it's hard to believe that more than a decade ago, IBT's filled a niche in Tucson's market that hasn't been seriously challenged since. Sure, some gay and lesbian bars have come and gone, while current clubs cater more to select groups in the local gay community. To many readers, however, the jewel in Miss Gay Tucson's tiara will always be It's 'Bout Time.

Runner up:

Ain't Nobody's Bizness, 2900 E. Broadway Blvd.

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