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Arcades and miniature golf places make for great movie fodder. There was the make-up (perchance to make out?) scene with Ralph Macchio overachieving with Elisabeth Shue in The Karate Kid, and Adam Sandler assaulting the Killer Clown in Happy Gilmore. And who can forget Lance Guest using his video game skills to save the universe in The Last Starfighter, which featured Music Man Robert Preston in his last movie role, as a lizard? With bumper boats, video games, golf, food and tons of other stuff, a family can make a day (or a weekend) of it at Golf N' Stuff.

Runners up:

2. TIE
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 2021 N. Kinney Road, 883-2702
  • Reid Park Zoo, 1100 Randolph Way, 791-3204

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