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Tucson Sidewinders Game

Reader's Pick: We're really puzzled by this one. You've got America's pastime being played by athletes a step away from the big leagues in a dazzling ballpark that's bright, vibrant and fan-friendly. There are games and toys for the kids, contests for the adults, giveaways for everybody, great, reasonable priced food, and killer baseball. And yet, attendance is subpar, at best. If y'all keep staying away in droves, Pacific Coast League baseball may go away for good.

Of Mythic Proportions: Tuesdays at the GKC Theater, 4690 N. Oracle Road. There's an old saying that when you go into certain stores, if you're not robbing them, they're robbing you. Oddly enough, when you see a bad movie for eight bucks you leave the theater feeling cheated. But see the same movie for three bucks and you feel like you've Donald Trump-ed somebody. And throw in the Tuesday-only promotion where you get to bring in your own bucket from home, which they'll fill with popcorn for only 50 cents, and you think you're the shrewdest consumer going.