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Best Fries


READERS' PICK: Sure, they're addictive. Sure, they're a heart attack in a sack. Sure, the cooking medium remains a source of mystery, a particularly troubling matter for those who like their pommes frites innocent of animal fat. Sure, Americans eat too much junk food. Sure, the potatoes that go into Mickey D's fries could feed most of the known world. You know all this, but it doesn't matter. Anyone who digs French fries, no matter how snooty or health-conscious, knows that McDonald's does 'em just right. Go make your revolution elsewhere, commies.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Pat's Chili Dogs, at North Grande Avenue and West Niagara Street (that's really the official address!). Crispy? Not really. Salty? Like the ocean. Greasy? Yeah, but why else would you eat French fries if not to add a pint of essential oils? If you want an authentic fry experience made with real potatoes touched by real human hands, then stop reading and head down to Pat's. Have a dog or two while you're at it, and maybe some onion rings, and maybe even a pink lemonade. But save room: You'll develop triceps lifting a small order of fries, and a lovely smile by eating them.

OF MYTHIC PROPORTIONS: Lucky Wishbone, various locations. You can just about throw a stone and hit a place that sells French fries, but nobody makes 'em quite like the old tried and trusted Lucky Wishbone, and that's a fact, pal. Sure, the 'Bone is better known for its chicken, shrimp and killer garlic toast, but the fries are magnificent. It's a no-brainer, really. Why wouldn't a place that fries just about everything under the sun make a better French fry? Like it or not, common sense prevails on this one.