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Readers' Pick: Quit yer complainin'! KFC does chicken right. Besides we've always thought Colonel Sanders looked just like Zeus. KFC keeps things interesting all year `round with a variety of specials, from BBQ wings to Twister sandwiches. But we have a special reason for liking KFC. There's a guy named Doug up at the one on Ina and Shannon. Doug is neither you averaged harried teen nor a bored 20-something learning the fact that he didn't pay better attention in high school. He's at least 30-something, if not more, but he mans that drive through on weeknights with an enthusiasm that's scary. He aims to please and never misses. If people were paid what they deserve, he'd be pulling down six figures, easy. We love this guy and we hope KFC knows what a treasure they have in him.

Readers' Pick Runner-up: Lucky Wishbone, various locations. Hometown folks make good…chicken. And fried and steak fingers and shrimp and chicken fingers and garlic toast so good you don't care if you ever get kissed again.

Of Mythic Proportions: Popeye's Chicken, various locations (this week anyway). What are we supposed to do? First Popeye's was on Campbell and Blacklidge and was thriving until the founder made some horrendous business decision (like sponsoring a World's Fair in New Orleans and buying Church's Chicken at the same time) that threw the company into bankruptcy. So we went years without Popeye's until it opened again on Broadway and Campbell. That one thrived until the owners of the land it was on decided they wanted to put a gas station. Now, there still one at 22nd and Kolb and a new on in a gas station at Cortaro Farms and Thornydale. They better be glad their stuff tastes so darn good. Otherwise, we'd stop following them all over the valley. How good is it? If they had had Popeye's Chicken in 19th Century Scandinavia, Keirkegaard wouldn't have been nearly so bummed out.

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