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Beyond Bread

For those of us who are serious devotees of the baked loaf, something called "Beyond Bread" causes us to furrow our brows and purse our lips. There simply couldn't exist anything beyond bread, the penultimate in taste and texture, which satisfies the hunger of so many senses. But behold, some knowing Tucson entrepreneurs created a bakery/restaurant called Beyond Bread, and, lo, it was good—so good that there are now three locations of this Beyond Bread nirvana, offering a bounty of freshly baked dough in various styles and flavors, like feta, spinach and onion; brie, scallion and chive; marble rye; chocolate babka; and other varieties rotating daily. We believe! We believe!

Runners up:

2. La Baguette Bakery

1797 E. Prince Road


3. Barrio Bread