Best Of Tucson®

Best Fresh-Baked Bread

Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread offers mini-vacations. Where do you want to go? Italy? Get the ciabatta or focaccia; try some semolina bread; or toast up some garlic Italian, and drizzle it with olive oil. Paris? Mais oui! They make a great baguette. Israel? The challah is a mitzvah. California? Only real 1970s San Francisco hippies could make a better multigrain bread. Russia? Get the rye. Greece? Opa! for the kalamata-olive bread. The fig and pistachio bread will transport you to Aleppo, and you won't want to leave. Home to Mom? Slice up some of the white, and make cinnamon toast.

Runners up:

2. La Baguette Bakery

1797 E. Prince Road


3. Village Bakehouse

7882 N. Oracle Road