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Best Fresh-Baked Bread

Beyond Bread

In this enlightened age of gluten-free this and wheat-free that, it's grand to know there is a place where one can still indulge in the sumptuous delights of traditional fresh-baked breads. The problem with Beyond Bread is that with so many other distractions—sandwiches, desserts, etc.—it's easy to forget that before you can go beyond bread, you actually need to start with great bread. Many of their bread offerings are available for tasting in their bottomless sampling bowl, which is accompanied by a huge pan of creamy, easy-to-spread butter. Beyond Bread also bakes specialty breads, incorporating nuts, berries, herbs and cheeses including provolone, Swiss, parmesan and white cheddar. Yum!

Runners up:

2. La Baguette Bakery

1797 E. Prince Road


3. TIE

Ghini's French Caffe

1803 E. Prince Road


Village Bakehouse

7882 N. Oracle Road


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