Best Of Tucson®

Best Fresh-Baked Bread

Beyond Bread

Nothing compares to a fresh loaf of bread, made that day, crusty on the outside, perfectly moist on the inside ... it's a heaven you can digest. Beyond Bread makes about 30 different kinds of bread, all excellent. There's sweet bread, like the chocolate babka or the cinnamon raisin, and there's savory breads, like rosemary or the garlic Italian. In the mood for something more, say, normal? They make a killer white bread and a marble rye that takes you back to the Old World, without all the pogroms and poverty. Our personal favorites are the cranberry pecan (there are real cranberries in there--healthy!) and the multigrain (sunflower seeds, oats, flax--extra healthy!).

Runners up:

2. La Baguette Bakery, 1797 E. Prince Road, 322-6297

3. The French Loaf Bakery and Café, 6878 E. Sunrise Drive, No. 130, 577-2103; 1665 E. 18th St., 617-0990; 4811 E. Grant Road, 323-5623

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Subway, two votes