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Best Fresh-Baked Bread

Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread has more than lived up to its name (see Best Sandwich and Best Dessert). But let's face it: If the core product wasn't great, we wouldn't care about the beyond part (well, maybe a little, but not so much). At both locations, a phalanx of fresh-faced servers handle the multitudes with an apostolic eagerness. Selections are displayed on wood shelves with chalk listings, and when they're gone, they're gone for the day, so shop early. In addition to the everyday selections like wheat, baguette, garlic Italian and cinnamon raisin, there are selections particular to days of the week, so you can plan your life around your daily bread. Among our favorites: Monday's green chile and provolone, ancho chipotle and white cheddar (Wednesday and Saturday), Friday's challah (after noon) and Sunday's cranberry pecan. Best of all: natural leavening and no added fats.

Runners up:

2. La Baguette, 1797 E. Prince Road

3. Village Bakery, 7882 N. Oracle Road