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Beyond Bread

READERS' PICK: Multifarious ingredients evolve into a seemingly simple, yet intelligent and inventive performance. Substitute "taste" for "performance," and there's little difference between the scrumptious bread at this local bakery/cafe and the music of the pomo Kronos Quartet. There's always a theme. Like the foursome's recent combination of modern riffs with traditional Mexican music, themes abound at Beyond Bread. Daily offerings are spiced by weekly specials: Stop by on a Thursday or Saturday after 10:30 to be the first to savor the warm, puffy focaccia topped with thinly sliced tomatoes. Our personal favorite is the Rustic with toasted white and black sesame seeds, a naturally leavened bread that combines a perfect crunchy crust with a soft but dense interior. But don't miss the Kalamata Olive or Cranberry Pecan or Green Chili and Provolone! And don't worry about pigging out on the ever-available samples and whipped butter. It's highly encouraged.