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Best French

Ghini's French Caffé

Ghini's has held on to the top spot in this category since 2010, which makes sense since the Prince Road café next to a Safeway manages to transport diners to the South of France in exchange for a very reasonable fee. Stuffed crepes, croque monsieur or madame, or just sliced baguettes with sweet cream butter all feel très français, but the menu tells you that the eggs provençal is the signature dish and you should probably go ahead and order it next time you stop by. It's a dish that manages to be both simple and beautiful loaded with thyme scattered across the local tomatoes and super-fresh eggs. Ghini's slogan is "Frenchness Guaranteed" and we can't imagine anyone would dare to challenge that promise.

Runners up:

2. Le Rendez-vous

3. Wild Garlic Grill