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Serial Grillers

Imagine a food truck, sandwiched underneath an abandoned gas station, with plastic tables and folding chairs set up where you would normally be pumping gas, and there you have Serial Grillers. This small and simple truck is run by two young dudes, who serve with speed and friendliness, even letting one take a peek inside the body of the truck, where all the searing and sizzling happens. Their sammys are jam packed with flavors that are to die for, all themed with names of fictional serial killers from TV and movies: from Dexter to Hannibal and from Joe Carroll to Jason. Choose from your choice of carnage: ribeye cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks or Angus burgers. Served piping hot, these spicy and succulent specimens are sure to leave you satiated.

Runners up:

2. Planet of the Crepes


3. MaFooCo

Currently on hiatus/for sale

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