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Campbell Avenue Merchants Association

We love the plucky gang in the Campbell Avenue Merchants Association, who first banded together to help defeat last year's transportation proposition. This crew has hung together to promote the Campbell corridor as a collection of independent shops that offers just about anything the discerning consumer needs. Just look at the line-up: Readers have Bookman's and the Book Stop, both used book stores that offer late hours and cheap volumes. Drinkers have the upscale Plaza Liquors, or, if they're particularly ambitious, Brew Your Own Brew. Campers can get outfitted at Popular. Food lovers have a virtual United Nations: Mexican, Italian, Thai, French, American, Japanese, Indian, Chinese and more. There's fantastic coffee at Raging Sage and Coffee X-Change and terrific loafs at Beyond Bread. Grab a scoop of ice cream at Santa Barbara Ice Creamery, and start exploring already!

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