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Best Fish Tacos


Although Rubio's fish tacos may not be quite like the ones you'll get seaside in Mexico, they may help you believe you're on a beach somewhere, even if you're actually in a noisy mall in the middle of Tucson. There's something about those beer-battered fish fillets in a corn or flour tortilla, Rubio's tangy white sauce, salsa and fresh cabbage that is like a weekend vacation in your mouth. You can almost hear the waves and seagulls and magic seahorses singing sweet songs of siesta. Hey, these tacos aren't "world famous" for nothing. Rubio's has been serving up their tacos since 1983, and their prices seem like they haven't aged much since then: On Tuesdays after 2:30 p.m., you can get 'em for $1.25 each. Any other time, two tacos, beans and chips will only cost you a little more than $5.

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