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Etherton's electrifying show of lightning photography this summer was high-voltage enough to shock anyone into the land of the undead--and it sent its two daredevil shutterbugs, A.T. Willett and Jeff Smith, into the land of the real dead when they stepped too close to a lightning bolt in their quest for the perfect photo. But Etherton has the juice year-round. In the last season, fab photo offerings included Jay Dusard's arresting cowboys, digitally revisited, and Mark Klett's multiple moons. The mysteriously Old World oils of Paula Wittner of Patagonia debuted in a painting exhibition that also showcased the late-life works of Eriks Rudans. As it happened, the lovely exhibition of his serene nudes and flowery bowers was the last show of Rudans' life.

Runners up:

2. Madaras Gallery, 1535 E. Broadway Blvd., 623-4000; 3001 E. Skyline Drive, No. 101, 615-3001;

3. Dinnerware Contemporary Arts, 264 E. Congress St., 792-4503,

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