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Etherton Gallery

You have to wonder: Were there any serious pirate artists out there? Between the raping, the pillaging and the drinking, do you suppose any of those scurvy bastards had an artistic side? (This is a free master's thesis idea for an enterprising UA student). Meanwhile, Etherton Gallery is 25 years old this year. Good for them. They are hands down one of the best fine art galleries not just in Tucson, but also in the entire Southwest. Specializing in vintage and contemporary fine art photography as well as other media, you'll run into work by the likes of Ansel Adams, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Harry Callahan, Jack Dykinga, Adriel Heisey, Graciela Iturbide, Mark Klett, Aaron Siskind and a huge crew of others.

Runners up:

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101 W. Sixth St., 792-4503,

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