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Best Fast Food Drive Thru


Reader's Pick: Do you realize that at Nico's you can get three shredded beef taquitos with melted longhorn cheese and salsa for $1.60? At most places these days, you can't get a dollar for $1.60. If Nico's were in Mexico, they'd be singing songs about the place. Of course, in Mexico, they sing songs about horse races, rigged elections and Marxist rebels. But the song about Nico's would be really upbeat. Our veggie-head friends love the chile relleno burrito, and for the people who eat real food, there are 20 or so combo plates, all for around five bucks. Our favorite is the nachos, a huge pile of chips tossed with shredded beef, beans, guacamole, cheese and sauce. It's a meal unto itself. There's an all-night drive thru at Campbell and Fort Lowell and an almost-all-night walk-in at Oracle and Roger. Great stuff.