Best Of Tucson®

Best Fashions (Locally Owned)

Zoe Boutique

Just as this Best of Tucson® issue is blending a bit of the past with the present, Zoe Boutique blends old and new with elegance and flair. Vintage and modern mix well at this two-room shop on Fourth Avenue. You'll find tops, shoes, purses, jeans, belts and even lingerie on the racks. Even with its cosmopolitan vibe, Zoe is a boutique open to all shoppers—not just the fashionistas. For those looking for a little bling, Zoe offers a nice collection of jewelry, from funky to glittery. But don't just set your eyes on what's in the case or on the racks; look on the walls for creations by local artists. With Zoe in town, both the art and shoppers have a nice place to hang.

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