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St. Philip’s Plaza Farmers’ Market(s)

The vendors at St. Philip’s Plaza’s two farmers’ markets continue to bring us great local produce each weekend, saving us the trip to the actual farm. You can fill up your shopping bag with delicious veggies, fruit, honey, eggs, meat and more, all while supporting local businesses. Besides edibles, there are soaps, lotions, oils and moisturizers made from natural products. If you get hungry while shopping, there are plenty of prepared foods to sample. On a recent visit, we had a crepe from the Planet of the Crepes food truck, a prickly pear juice pop, and some-mango infused lemonade. You wouldn't be able to find that combination on a restaurant menu, and that makes the shopping experience all the more special.

Runners up:

2. Santa Cruz River/Mission San Agustín Farmers’ Market

3. Maynard's Market and Kitchen Farmers’ Market

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