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Lesco Optical

Jeepers creepers! Why is it so expensive to get glasses for those peepers? News flash: It doesn't have to cost you valuable limbs to correct that wacky vision of yours. (We're referring to your eyes' vision, not the metaphysical sort.) Lesco Optical offers the greatest deals in Tucson. A progressive (no lines), UV-treated, tri-focal pair in stylish and sturdy frames can cost less than $200! And we're not talking aviator-style frames left over from the '70s and '80s; this is the real deal. Friendly opticians will help set you up with just the right pair, and in a couple of days, the world will be transformed when you take a gander through your new peeper bling.

Runners up:

2. Alvernon Optical

Various locations

3. Costco

1650 E. Tucson Marketplace


6255 E. Grant Road


3901 W. Costco Drive