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Erv's Equipment Rental

1120 S. Kolb Road 4459 E. Fifth St.

READERS' PICK: (Dear Maw and Paw, the sights are surreal, Ditch-Witchin' you were here with me now...) The readers have spoken, and their demand is for Erv's. For do-it-yourselfers whose hearts are tuned to the vibrations of power tools, well, this is a validating moment. If you long to feel the pulse of the lawn aerator in your hands, Erv's is the place. From bulldozing and back-hoeing to spray-painting and power-nailing...again, it's Erv's. Erv's is staffed with friendly folks who know what they're doing (and what you're getting yourself into). Open on Sundays, with two locations, Erv's is practically in your own back yard, but with a much more organized (and high-octane) tool shed.

MORE MANIA: Creco Rentals, 947 W. 29th St. Do it yourselfers will be tickled to learn that all you need to rent a backhoe is money. No need to show that you know what you're doing. You do need to be at least 18, however. We suggest the fantasy 18th birthday party for budding developers: Have Creco deliver a backhoe, a bush hog, a bucket truck and a couple of jackhammers, a trencher and a vibratory roller or two, some chainsaws and a cement mixer. Serve beer and birthday cake, and have the birthday kid blow out the candles with a leaf blower. It'll cost a lot, but consider it an investment in Pima County's future.