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Best Empanadas

La Estrella Bakery

There are many delicious treats at La Estrella Bakery that folks line up out the door for early in the morning, but if there's anything behind the bakery case worth every carb and calorie, it is the bakery's empanadas. Apple, mango, pumpkin, apricot ... basically it's love with a yummy filling. If you think another bakery in town is doing the empanada better, rethink that ridiculous opinion. Really. The first South 12th Avenue location is wonderful because it has a larger selection of La Estrella goodness, but look, this is about the empanada, right? You can also go to their small shop at the Mercado San Agustin in the Menlo Park neighborhood off Congress Street—they have empanadas, too. After you pick out your empanadas, yes, go ahead and grab some tortillas and tamales, then go home to revel in the best culinary decision of your life. Really.

Runners up:

2. Le Cave's Bakery

1219 S. Sixth Ave.


3. El Rio Bakery

901 N. Grande Ave.