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Mamma Llama's Empanadas

Take a quick glance at Mamma Llama's owners Kris Masalsky and Vicki Sims, and you might think the fair-skinned blonde women would create pastries from a Nordic country. Not so. Instead, they make creative and delicious gourmet empanadas, a common meal in Latin American countries. Kris and Vicki use the finest meats—spicy beef, succulent pork or Caribbean chicken—and exotic spices, fruits, nuts and salsas. They then place the ingredients in light, flaky pastries. Vegetarians will love "Ecuador's Delight" and "The Peruvian Twist," each filled with veggies and cheeses. Satisfy your sweet tooth with delectable fillings like chocolate, peach and pumpkin. And if you are looking for party snacks other than the standard fare, Mamma Llama's also caters.

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