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Mamma Llama's Gourmet Empanadas

Perhaps you're the type of person who eschews all frozen food. Well, you must not have had the pleasure of biting into one of Mamma Llama's empanadas, which, yes, are bought frozen—but turn into magical pockets of buttery goodness after a mere 15 minutes in a conventional oven. These empanada flavors ain't your traditional one-note visits to blahsville; Mamma Llama's empanadas come in multifaceted varieties like the Peruvian twist, chock full of artichokes, green chili, asiago and a blend of Mediterranean cheeses. Or try the Brazilian, with pork and apricots and raisins and pine nuts: It's chewy, crunchy, savory and sweet all at the same time. Mamma Llama's also caters: emapanaditas (yes, small empanadas) on a toothpick are easy to sample when you've got a swell martini in one hand.

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