Best Of Tucson®

Best Empanadas

Mamma Llama's Gourmet Empanadas

The "girls from Empanada," Kris and Vicki, have scored their second win in the Best of Tucson®. Their delicious empanadas—baked, light pastry shells filled with meat, veggies or sweets—are the perfect easy meal. Simply take your frozen empanada; pop it in the oven; and bake for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. The most difficult part is figuring out which ones to buy, as there are many tasty varieties. The popular Brazilian combines pork with apricots, raisins and pine nuts. There are vegetarian empanadas such as Ecuador's Delight, with spinach, black olives and cheeses. Dessert empanadas round out the menu, and catering is available. Whether it's at your party or home, forget about other frozen meals, and treat yourself to Mamma Llama's delicious gourmet delights.

Runners up:

2. Le Cave's

1219 S. Sixth Ave.


3. La Estrella Bakery

5266 S. 12th Ave.