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Mamma Llama's Empanadas

Up until Mamma Llama's opened in 2001, the empanada was almost exclusively the domain of the Mexican breakfast pastry and dessert family. With the advent of Mamma Llama's gourmet empanada, however, that has forever changed. In short, their empanadas are huge and a meal unto themselves. A single one can lay waste to the mightiest of appetites. Their artichoke and spinach varieties were recently inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame (Nonvegan Wing), while their chicken, beef and pork offerings are always champions. In addition to their walk-in business, which includes frozen "take and bakes," Mamma Llama's will lay out an impressive all-star lineup for your catered event.

Runners up:

2. Martin's Comida Casera, 557 N. Fourth Ave., 884-7909

3. Le Cave's, 1219 S. Sixth Ave., 624-2561

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