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Best Easy Desert Hike That Didn't Get Eaten Away by Developers

Honey Bee Canyon

Oh, Oro Valley, land of the suburban strip mall and luxury developments—thank goodness you can't blade it all away, because then we wouldn't have Honey Bee Canyon and the beautiful ancient petroglyphs that still stand along the Honey Bee Wash. You can see the petroglyphs and enjoy this easy desert hike despite the occasional housing-development views. It's about a one-mile hike that takes you into a wash. Expect lots of sand, but the experience is a bit otherworldly and perfect for the kids. (You can also bring your dogs.) The petroglyph that stands out most is of an owl. It's beautiful. There are also ruins from an old ranch dam, some carvings that you need to search for, and lots of desert wildlife. Bring water, and say a little prayer of thanks that the powers-that-be allowed for open space and not another Walgreens.