Best Of Tucson®

Best Director

Samantha K. Wyer

How can so many spot-on productions be directed by someone who is resolutely invisible? Once the curtain rises, Samantha Wyer disappears; you're never aware of a director's heavy hand, or some deep "concept" that migrates from play to play whether it fits or not. Nor do you sit there watching thespians delivering lines; you see actual people with real problems and aspirations. There's honesty in every emotion and every gesture, whether the play is a comedy or tragedy, or whether the actors are Equity professionals or UA students. Wyer's work this past year has included O'Neill's A Moon for the Misbegotten at Arizona Theatre Company, where she is the associate artistic director, and Chekhov's Three Sisters and Neil Simon's Rumors at the UA. Coming soon: A Streetcar Named Desire at ATC. If anybody can make us care about Stanley Kowalski, forget Brando; count on Samantha Wyer.